Scooters, Mountain Passes and Faith

Scooters, Mountain Passes and Faith

Da Nang to Hue. 102 kilometers. 4 hours on scooter.

This is probably one of the craziest things I’ve ever done so far (if that even counts as crazy). I actually don’t do crazy very much. But when I do, I try make sure it’s going to be a story worth telling when I get old.

I was both excited and nervous the day we (I was with two other beautiful ladies. They were riding together and I was riding my scooter on my own) left for this old Imperial City. Excited because I would be riding my motorbike on my own through Hai Van Pass. And nervous because I would be riding my motorbike on my own through Hai Van Pass (yep).

Scooters, Mountain Passes and Faith
Surrounded by clouds.

Hai Van Pass was definitely challenging for a newbie rider like me. It is approximately 21-kilometer long and probably took us around 45 minutes to reach the end. That’s pretty slow I know but read the first sentence of this paragraph. And with it’s sudden turns and blind curves (and our occasional stops because my right hand was begging me to rest), we just couldn’t ride as fast as we wanted. A lot of my Vietnamese friends were actually telling me to find a male friend who I could ride with because the pass would be too dangerous and the 102-kilometer distance from Da Nang to Hue would just be too far for me. Or that we should just take the train and do easy. That’s when I realized they missed the whole point of my going there with my scooter. I didn’t want to do easy. I wanted to do life. So like what I usually do when I’ve already made up my mind – I didn’t listen. We all know that’s not a very good advice but some things you just gotta do. And I’m so I glad I did.

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