Birthday Getaway at Cabugan Adventure Resort

Cabugan Adventure Resort


Last May 1st, I went back to Cabugan with some of my college friends for a mini class reunion. And because it was summer, there were more people and it was hotter compared to the first time I visited this place. It was nevertheless still an amazing trip. This time around, we got the 3 meals + accommodation + boating + bonfire + transportation package. Island hopping wasn’t included because they had to hire other bangkeros to accommodate the volume of guests during Summer. The food was great especially our dinner. We asked them if we could have it set up as boodle fight and they prepared everything for us complete with the banana leaves. We also requested some dishes which they gladly accommodate 🙂


I’ve experienced the best birthday celebration I’ve ever had so far. I was on a gorgeous secluded island south of Guimaras with my parents and close friends. What more can I ask.

Cabugan Adventure Resort is slowly gaining popularity among local and foreign tourists alike. Who can blame them. The island was tranquil, beautiful and surrounded by clear blue waters. It felt like we were somewhere miles away from Iloilo, when in fact, we were only one hour away from the hustle and bustle of the City of Love.

We stayed on the island for 2 days and 1 night, and I can say that it was the best place I’ve ever been to in Guimaras. It was a weekend full of basketball free throws, embarrassing funny hammock episodes, lazy under-the-tree chats, late night heart-to-hearts, boating and bonfire. It was a weekend I wished would never end.

Cabugan Adventure Resort
View from the bonfire hill

I woke up at 4:30 am to get ready for the trip. Mama and I didn’t get much sleep because we stayed up late the previous night to prepare our baon. I think we finished cooking and packing around 2 am. We reached Ortiz port at 6:30 am, waited for my friends until 7:00 am, bought tickets, took the boat ride, arrived at Jordan wharf at 7:30 am, reached the mini dungkaan at 8:30 am, took a 3-minute boat ride to the island and finally set foot in Cabugan at 8:40 am.

The whole ride was quite tiring. Good thing we were welcomed by the cool and refreshing, though sometimes a bit too strong, breeze on the island. We decided to just spend the whole morning relaxing, chatting and playing.

Cabugan Adventure Resort
This contains the evidence of our fail hammock experience 😛

After lunch, we went boating a bit at the lake behind those cottages above. Then went island hopping at 3:00 pm. We were one bunch of uber excited, hyper-active kids at heart. Our two bangkeros couldn’t help but laugh because of our child-like enthusiasm. The whole afternoon was filled with squeals, fooling around, water-splashing and loud laughter. Everybody was in high spirits.

Cabugan Adventure Resort
On a deck at one of the island hopping sites

The island hopping lasts for two hours and I suggest you go the same time we did (if you’re going there) because the sun is no longer scorching and the water is already starting to come in, which makes it perfect for the last stop – the sandbar.

Cabugan Adventure Resort
Yes. We were THAT happy.

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Kim’s Bob: Samgyupsal Lovers’ Best Friend

Kim's Bob

Here in Iloilo these days, it is impossible to roam around the city without running into one Korean national. I used to teach English at a Korean academy and a lot of them come here ’cause it is way cheaper to study here in Iloilo than in any other province in the Visayas. This is probably why Iloilo is currently home to six (that I know of) Korean restaurants.

Three weeks ago, I went twice to Kim’s Bob. This resto is famous for their any-time-any-day samgyupsal buffet. Yep. That’s right. For only P349.00, you can have all the yummy pork belly slices you want. People close to me know how much I love that sinful goodness. I actually keep a jar of Chalgochujang (I couldn’t find ssamjang when I went to the supermarket) so I can just buy pork belly whenever I want and have an instant samgyupsal party at home 😉

Kim's Bob
Can you hear that grilling sound? No? My ears must be playing tricks on me 😛

The first time I went to Kim’s Bob was with two of my cousins. We ordered samgyupsal and budaejjigae. We were too busy eating we forgot to take a picture of the latter. If you really want to try budaejjigae though, I suggest you head to Moyeora. They have the best budaejjigae I’ve ever tried. I couldn’t stop eating it when I went there last year with some friends. I really should go back to Moyeora soon~

Back to Kim’s Bob, the second time I went there was with my childhood best friend. We kind of drifted apart and lost touch after high school. There was a lot of catching up to do and we spent hours reminiscing our elementary days while our taste buds are enjoying samgyupsal, tteokbokki and bibimbap.

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Bavaria: A Taste of Typical German Restaurant and Bar in Iloilo


Happy new year, everyone!

My 2015 started off with a bang! (cue in Ariana Grande’s song) I didn’t mean the firecrackers 😛 but the all-expense paid January 2-3 company event in Bacolod. It was great meeting and making friends with those who I only see over Skype or Google Hangout.

In the evening of January 3 (I came back here in Iloilo in the morning), I met my friends Christy, Lucky and Tarra. We decided to check this German restaurant that is tucked away in an alley beside RCBC bank. I had heard a lot of good things about this resto. Now, it’s time to see it for myself.

The entrance. If not for the signage above, I wouldn’t even know this actually leads to a restaurant 😛
The Hallway. This made me feel like I was transported to an old German pub.
The Bar… with the servers wearing traditional German costume. So cute!

I love the interior of this place. But the two Pepsi refrigerators behind the counter was a little bit out of place with all those wood stuff going around. Hehe.

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¡Adios 2014, Hola 2015!


I’m trying to write my last post for 2014 but I keep on typing and erasing and typing and erasing again and again.

I guess whatever I want to write about, it all boils down to the fact that I learned and discovered a whole lot of things this year. From the right mindset of saving up and my thirst for traveling to trying to become a better daughter to my parents and planning ahead… and a lot of precious stuff in between.

I’m still starting to learn the ropes of handling my finances well in a way that will work for my needs, wants and life’s emergencies. I fervently hope I’m doing a good job. Maybe I am because my mom was happy with her Christmas gift last night? 😉

Like what I said above, this is my last post for this year. I can already see a better, brighter, more challenging year ahead. And I’m just so exhilarated that I will be able to start 2015 with an all-expense paid company event on January 2-3 in Bacolod. I honestly think my new bosses are the awesomest people on earth right now. Some people might think that having an online job is meh compared to a “real” office work, but trust me. Do whatever makes you happy and gives you the time and financial freedom you need.

Looking at my 2015 calendar right now… it amazes me how many days are already marked off for my already planned lagaws… And I just booked plane tickets for me and my friends’ Baguio-Vigan-Laoag trip in April next year! Gaaah! I’m so excited! So many beautiful things are coming my way. I can’t wait to finally live them.

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Mag-aso Falls, Kabankalan City

Mag-aso Falls

After visiting the Ruins in Talisay, my friends and I went nature tripping at Mag-aso Falls the following day.

In my opinion, Mag-aso Falls is one of the hidden gems of Negros Occidental. Though it’s quite far from Bacolod, it is still one of the must-see places for nature lovers like me. Situated in Sitio Dug-anon, Barangay Oringao, Kabankalan City, Mag-aso Falls is a 2 to 3-hour bus+tricycle ride away from Bacolod.

How to go to Mag-aso Falls

Mag-aso Falls

From Bacolod, take the Ceres Tours bus with the signage Dumaguete-Mabinay. Inform the ticketing officer to drop you off at wet market in Barangay Oringao. After that, take a tricycle or a motorbike going to Mag-aso Falls. This 15-minute ride will be quite bumpy as some parts of the road aren’t fixed yet. And it honestly feels like a mini roller coaster ride with all its steep slopes.

Entrance fee to the Mag-aso Leisure Camp is at P50 each and small cottages are available at P200. Ours was P300 since it was a bit bigger and was separated from the other visitors. If you want to stay overnight, they have rooms at P1000 good for as many people as you can fit inside. Awesome for group outings, right? ^_^

Mag-aso Falls

When you get inside the camp, the first thing that will greet you is the very inviting swimming pool. But don’t jump in yet. Change into your swimming attire and follow the trail to the falls first. It was a breathtaking view. The water current when we went there was quite strong and the smoke-like effect that the water creates as it hits the natural pool below was beautiful. The water was cool and turquoise. The weather clear. It was a perfect day.

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Burning Love: The Ruins, Talisay City

The Ruins
The Ruins: The reminder of Don Mariano Ledesma Lacson’s burning love for his wife Maria Braga.

You never really visited Bacolod if you didn’t go to the most talked about house in the Philippines… well aside from Pinoy Big Brother’s Bahay ni Kuya, that is. As it is located just a few minutes outside the city, this tourist spot is very accessible to almost all tourists who visit Bacolod.

How to go to the Ruins

From SM City Bacolod, you can choose to either go there via taxi or jeepney.

Via Taxi

This is the easiest, fastest and most comfortable way to reach the Ruins. Just take a taxi outside SM (or any part of Bacolod) and voila! You are on your way! You have to be aware though that taxi drivers don’t use their meters when going outside the city. They will offer to take you there for P300. Don’t say yes. Turn on your haggling powers and try to bring it down to P200. If the driver doesn’t give in no matter what you do and you really want to take a taxi, try it at P250. If it still doesn’t work, don’t say anything and just turn your back.

This is better if you’re traveling with a group so you can split up the fare.

Via Jeepney + Tricycle

If you’re on a tighter budget, you can opt to ride a jeepney with the signage Bata or Libertad-Bata. Just tell the driver to drop you off the corner where you can take the tricycle going to the Ruins.

This is a better option if there are only two of you or if you’re alone.


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Cilantro – Flavors of Vietnam & COMMA Cafe in One Day

Jin, Hailey and I had a wonderful time roaming downtown Iloilo and a joy-FULL stomach chomping as much good food as we could.


It was one helluva scorching hot day when we decided to check out this rising Vietnamese restaurant nearby Robinsons Iloilo. Cilantro: Flavors of Vietnam is a small resto which offers Asian cuisine, especially Vietnamese and Thai. We went there to taste their famous prawn dish but it was quite pricey. The medium-sized prawns which were within our budget got sold out. So we just opted for the other dishes on their menu. I’ve forgotten their names but I have pictures here if you wish to try them out too.

Cilantro - Flavors of Vietnam Iloilo

This one shows how they make a traditional Vietnamese coffee. They put milk first and then slowly pour hot water through a sift which contains the powdered coffee bean. You mix it and voila! Meet your Vietnamese coffee. Don’t know how to do it? Chillax. The waiters will gladly do it for you. But you can always prepare it yourself if you want.

Cilantro - Flavors of Vietnam Iloilo

This is some sort of a seafood curry. I can’t really remember how it tasted but it was okay. Nothing extraordinary.

Cilantro - Flavors of Vietnam Iloilo

This dish will make health buffs run and hide. It was quite oily and salty even for our palate. The shrimp itself tasted delicious though. Just try to get rid of as much oil as you can before eating.

Cilantro - Flavors of Vietnam Iloilo

Next up is my favorite from Cilantro – Pad Thai. I’m not crazy about eating raw vegetables and stuff but this one didn’t taste raw at all. The vegetables and noodles and crushed peanuts all blended well together to deliver one of the best gastronomic tastes I’ve ever tried. Goes without saying that this one is a MUST TRY for everyone who wishes to sample the best of this Vietnamese restaurant.


Comma Cafe

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