Kim’s Bob: Samgyupsal Lovers’ Best Friend

Kim's Bob

Here in Iloilo these days, it is impossible to roam around the city without running into one Korean national. I used to teach English at a Korean academy and a lot of them come here ’cause it is way cheaper to study here in Iloilo than in any other province in the Visayas. This is probably why Iloilo is currently home to six (that I know of) Korean restaurants.

Three weeks ago, I went twice to Kim’s Bob. This resto is famous for their any-time-any-day samgyupsal buffet. Yep. That’s right. For only P349.00, you can have all the yummy pork belly slices you want. People close to me know how much I love that sinful goodness. I actually keep a jar of Chalgochujang (I couldn’t find ssamjang when I went to the supermarket) so I can just buy pork belly whenever I want and have an instant samgyupsal party at home 😉

Kim's Bob
Can you hear that grilling sound? No? My ears must be playing tricks on me 😛

The first time I went to Kim’s Bob was with two of my cousins. We ordered samgyupsal and budaejjigae. We were too busy eating we forgot to take a picture of the latter. If you really want to try budaejjigae though, I suggest you head to Moyeora. They have the best budaejjigae I’ve ever tried. I couldn’t stop eating it when I went there last year with some friends. I really should go back to Moyeora soon~

Back to Kim’s Bob, the second time I went there was with my childhood best friend. We kind of drifted apart and lost touch after high school. There was a lot of catching up to do and we spent hours reminiscing our elementary days while our taste buds are enjoying samgyupsal, tteokbokki and bibimbap.

Kim's Bob
I am lost for words~

My friend and I honestly couldn’t find words to describe how heavenly their bibimbap is. It had this fresh, sweet taste that doesn’t make sense because greens and veggies aren’t supposed to taste sooo good. This one goes to the must-try list when you visit Kim’s Bob. And I will definitely be back for it.

Kim’s Bob is conveniently located just across from Robinsons Mall beside Mang Inasal. Have you been there? What’s your favorite dish? 🙂


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