Bavaria: A Taste of Typical German Restaurant and Bar in Iloilo


Happy new year, everyone!

My 2015 started off with a bang! (cue in Ariana Grande’s song) I didn’t mean the firecrackers 😛 but the all-expense paid January 2-3 company event in Bacolod. It was great meeting and making friends with those who I only see over Skype or Google Hangout.

In the evening of January 3 (I came back here in Iloilo in the morning), I met my friends Christy, Lucky and Tarra. We decided to check this German restaurant that is tucked away in an alley beside RCBC bank. I had heard a lot of good things about this resto. Now, it’s time to see it for myself.

The entrance. If not for the signage above, I wouldn’t even know this actually leads to a restaurant 😛
The Hallway. This made me feel like I was transported to an old German pub.
The Bar… with the servers wearing traditional German costume. So cute!

I love the interior of this place. But the two Pepsi refrigerators behind the counter was a little bit out of place with all those wood stuff going around. Hehe.

They only have two servers and that’s probably why their service is a bit slow. So don’t go there when you’re starving already. I think this place is great for small get togethers and catching up with friends. It is very quiet and it feels secluded from all the chaos of the world outside. And you should go there early… probably around 6:00 PM to avoid the rush of customers at night as the place is quite small… this means limited tables and chairs.

Their food is good. Except that I find the servings a bit little for the price. Their sausages, which I think are the house specialty, are really tasty. We only tried one though… coz we didn’t know the platter only includes one. Haha. Here is the rest of our order.

A really tall glass of iced tea. I thought I wouldn’t be able to finish it. P50
Farmer’s Ham Pizza. Tastes like your usual ham and cheese pizza but better. Haha. I especially love the herb on top. I don’t know what it’s called though. P240
Butcher’s Platter. Includes German pork knuckles, mashed potato, 1 pc. of sausage and 1 pc. of bacon -_- It was good though. P390
Beef Marrow Soup. Looks and tastes like our very own Bulalo minus the corn and other vegetables. I think it has the same herb on top of the pizza which made it good. Tender meat and delicious soup. P160
House Salad. Healthy living. Hehe. Tastes good. P170

And the highlight of our visit there…

Radler Mass 1L. P160

I don’t drink beer… at all. It baffles me how other people enjoy drinking it. The taste is just a big N.O. for me. But I love red and white wine. Haha. There’s always an exemption to the rule though. And this one is it.

Bavaria is known for their beers. My friends wanted to try it but they didn’t know what to order. There’s actually one that is called Diesel o_O We just asked the waiter for their best-seller because this seldom goes wrong. She suggested Radler Mass.

Based on what I read on the internet, this is a mix of soda and beer which was given to German cyclists so they can still ride their bicycles and get back home in one piece. This doesn’t taste like the other soda and beer mixes I have tried here though. It’s like beer that tastes like juice? Haha. Lucky wanted to take home an order but it’s not available for take out. It’s that good. But those who like strong alcohol might not enjoy this. I surprisingly did. Just try it for yourself. I really suck at describing tastes ^_^

Have you been to Bavaria? Or are you planning to go there soon? 🙂



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