Cilantro – Flavors of Vietnam & COMMA Cafe in One Day

Jin, Hailey and I had a wonderful time roaming downtown Iloilo and a joy-FULL stomach chomping as much good food as we could.


It was one helluva scorching hot day when we decided to check out this rising Vietnamese restaurant nearby Robinsons Iloilo. Cilantro: Flavors of Vietnam is a small resto which offers Asian cuisine, especially Vietnamese and Thai. We went there to taste their famous prawn dish but it was quite pricey. The medium-sized prawns which were within our budget got sold out. So we just opted for the other dishes on their menu. I’ve forgotten their names but I have pictures here if you wish to try them out too.

Cilantro - Flavors of Vietnam Iloilo

This one shows how they make a traditional Vietnamese coffee. They put milk first and then slowly pour hot water through a sift which contains the powdered coffee bean. You mix it and voila! Meet your Vietnamese coffee. Don’t know how to do it? Chillax. The waiters will gladly do it for you. But you can always prepare it yourself if you want.

Cilantro - Flavors of Vietnam Iloilo

This is some sort of a seafood curry. I can’t really remember how it tasted but it was okay. Nothing extraordinary.

Cilantro - Flavors of Vietnam Iloilo

This dish will make health buffs run and hide. It was quite oily and salty even for our palate. The shrimp itself tasted delicious though. Just try to get rid of as much oil as you can before eating.

Cilantro - Flavors of Vietnam Iloilo

Next up is my favorite from Cilantro – Pad Thai. I’m not crazy about eating raw vegetables and stuff but this one didn’t taste raw at all. The vegetables and noodles and crushed peanuts all blended well together to deliver one of the best gastronomic tastes I’ve ever tried. Goes without saying that this one is a MUST TRY for everyone who wishes to sample the best of this Vietnamese restaurant.


Comma Cafe

After Cilantro, Hailey, Jin and I WALKED straight to COMMA Cafe – a very cute, pastel-toned Korean cafe across the street from John B. Lacson Foundation Maritime University in Molo. I am hopeless when it comes to directions and I forgot to check what jeepney passes by the cafe. I know how to go there on foot though and I know it’s “walkable” so the three of us braved the burning heat of the sun and walked all the way to JBLFMU. Good thing my Korean students were up for some noontime walkathon. By the time we reached COMMA Cafe, we already burned all the calories we ate in Cilantro. It was food time once more.

COMMA Cafe Iloilo
While waiting for our order. That adorable doll Jin is holding is like the number fast-food chains give you when you have to wait for your order.

COMMA Cafe is quite small but it looks really bright and cheerful with its sky blue walls and minimalistic design. I immediately felt comfortable and relaxed.

COMMA Cafe Iloilo
Fun doodle-like design on the window.

And here comes our order 😀

COMMA Cafe Iloilo
The famous waffle.

The waffle was served on a wooden plate that looked like a mini chopping board, sprinkled with milk powder, topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream at the center and slices of banana around it to make it look like a sun flower, and chocolate syrup to finish. It was perfect.

COMMA Cafe Iloilo
My 5-grain smoothie and Hailey’s strawberry smoothie. I wanted to keep the doll even after our order was served and they let me ^_^

My 5-grain smoothie was heavenly. From the name itself, it was made of 5 kinds of grain which is good for the body. It tastes healthy but it was delicious as hell. It’s a smoothie you can drink without getting guilty for drinking at all.


Check out Cilantro on facebook!

Call them at: (033) 337 1812

Barangay Hipodromo,
Jalandoni St., City Proper
*Cilantro is a few meters away from Eon Centennial Plaza Hotel.

Tip! Before going to Cilantro, call them first and reserve a table. As the place is a bit small, it gets full quickly.

Check out COMMA Cafe on facebook!

MH del Pilar St., Iloilo City
*right across from JBLFMU

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