Burned in Boracay

*This one’s way too late. I had been feeling really lazy to write these past weeks and, thankfully, I’ve found the will to pick up where I left off

A day after our Hurom-hurom Cold Spring experience, Christy, Lucky and I headed off to our next summer destination – Boracay.

Burned in Boracay

From Numancia, we rode an L300 van all the way to Caticlan where Christy and I had to pay the environmental fee (P75) + terminal fee (P100) + boat fee (P35) = P200. Lucky Lucky, hehe. She’s Aklanon so she only had to pay for the boat fee. Hmp~ When we got to Boracay, we took a tricyle to Happy Dream Land.

Burned in Boracay
These two cute birds greeted us at the entrance of Happy Dream Land.

I always do my research before I travel somewhere. From what I saw on the internet, I expected an amusement park jam-packed with people riding different rides and enjoying everything the park had to offer. Sadly, what we saw there left a lot to be desired. But even though the Sky Cycle was the only functioning ride there, and the Bird Farm (which is hardly a farm at all, but more of just birds in cages put together) and the Trick Art Museum were the only attractions they could give, the three of us still had a lot of fun posing and taking pictures.

Burned in Boracay
The Bird Farm. The whole of it. See what I mean?
Burned in Boracay
Christy and I went on the Sky Cycle together so Lucky had no choice but to go alone, hehe. Gaaah! It was scary. Especially on the curves.
Burned in Boracay
It’s kinda lonely here. Who wants to have coffee with me? 🙂
Burned in Boracay
Burned in Boracay
Christy and I tapping our inner Kpop fangirl. Oppan Gangnam Style!

After Happy Dream Land, we went to Mt. Luho. It is the highest peak in Boracay and it boasts of a magnificent view overlooking almost the whole island. It was breathtaking. The air was pure and clean with no trace of pollution and dust coming from all the vehicles crowding the streets of Boracay. We took a much needed rest from walking and heatwave  there.

Burned in Boracay
On one of the decks at Mt. Luho. Please excuse my bottled water 😛

We stayed at Mt. Luho for more or less 2 hours then we headed off to our last stop – Puka Beach. It was kinda far but it was totally my kind of beach. White, fine sand. Crystal clear water. Few people. I’d choose it over the commercial beaches where most people go to any day.

Burned in Boracay
At Puka beach. Burned and tired but happy.

The sun was starting to set when we decided to go home. Which we almost weren’t able to do because there were too many people crowding the dock waiting to take a boat. It was already dark when we finally reached the Caticlan port. We missed the last van going back to Numancia. We were hungry and tired and with no ride home. When I was almost about to resign to our tragic fate, a van came. There were a lot of us waiting so the van was overloaded when it took off. What made the trip back much scarier was the zigzag road. I held my breath every time the driver had to turn. Thankfully, we arrived home safe and sound.

The following morning, Christy and I bid goodbye to Lucky and her family who were very kind to let us stay in their house for 4 days and 3 nights. It was one helluva summer trip. One that I’m most likely to remember for a very long time.


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